Batman #50 J. Scott Campbell EXCLUSIVE (SINGLES)

Order your copies of Batman #50 featuring cover artwork by J. Scott Campbell and colors by Peter Steigerwald! A JSC EXCLUSIVE! Available in full color in 7 variants.


Limited to 7 books per order

Cover A: Batman and Catwoman (central cover), limited to 2,800 copies
Cover B: 
Black Canary, Huntress, and Batwoman (left of C), limited to 2,200 copies
Cover C: Batgirl on a motorcycle (left of A)limited to 2,200 copies
Cover D: Poison Ivy and Penguin (right of A), limited to 2,200 copies
Cover E: Harley Quinn and Joker (right of D), limited to 2,200 copies
Cover F: SDCC 2018 Bridal outfits (central cover alternate), limited to 1,000 copies
Cover G: SDCC 2018 White Wedding (sketch cover variant), limited to 1,000 copies


  • Cover A - SIGNED / unsigned
  • Cover B - SIGNED / unsigned
  • Cover C - SIGNED / unsigned
  • Cover D - SIGNED / unsigned
  • Cover E - SIGNED / unsigned
  • Cover F - SIGNED / unsigned
  • Cover G - SIGNED / unsigned

    Publication Date: July 4, 2018

    Transparency Statement
    Due to the nature of producing comic books, some copies may present minor visual imperfections. The remaining inventory includes inventory reserved for our web store and conventions.

    Order Processing
    Please allow 14-21 days for delivery once order processing begins. Fulfillment start date may be adjusted to accommodate high sales volume.

    Signed Copies
    Pricing of SIGNED copies includes the signature fee: a $20 value per comic.
    Signed copies are autographed by J. Scott Campbell and include an official JScottCampbell.com Certificate of Authenticity authenticating the signature and limited nature of the comic book.

    The True Exclusive Seal means just that! A product sold EXCLUSIVELY on this store and nowhere else.

    Protect your investment: buy TRUE Exclusives! 

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    Due to the limited inventory, these comics books are sold as is. Products have been reviewed for quality control and priced accordingly. No exchange, refunds or returns.

    Suggested pricing. Subject to change prior to launch. Product quantities are approximated and do not account for actual losses and damages. Product images are renditions and may differ from actual product. Signatures on signed products are renditions and may differ on actual product in shape, size, positioning, and ink color. We do not combine orders.