FAQ | How To Use A Discount Code


There is a growing number of websites offering discount codes (coupon codes) for the J. Scott Campbell Store. Those are fake discount codes.

We currently only send out discount codes via email. If found on a website that is not jscottcampbell.com or in an email that is not from a @jscottcampbell.com email address, then assume the discount code is fake. Contact us if you have any questions.

Active Discount Codes

If a discount code is currently active on our web store, you will have the opportunity to enter your code during checkout. Please note that the discount box will only be shown if there is at least one active discount code on our web site.

IMPORTANT: Discount codes must be entered during the checkout process in order to take advantage of the discounted pricing. We will not manually adjust orders with a discount refund after the purchase is completed. Manually applying discount refunds in such high volume is labor intensive and causes significant delays to order processing.

1. Locate the Discount Code entry box on the checkout page


2. Enter the code you were provided in the Discount Code entry box and click the Apply button

The discount code use in the example below is not real. 

3. The discount value ($) and Discount Code entered will appear below the Subtotal

The discount code use in the example below is not real. 

Continue with the checkout process to complete your purchase. You may contact us for additional assistance: click here.