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Unable to Checkout

The following scenarios may lead to a "locked" checkout on the Shipping screen:

    • Restricted items added to your cart
    • Your cart is over the limit in either quantity or total weight of the order
    • Restricted shipping region
    • COVID-19 Service Interruptions and Suspension

Please contact us if you are unable to check for a reason not listed above or if you need help determining why the checkout is "locked".

Error messages

  • “Your cart has been updated and the items you added can’t be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order.”

  • “We don’t offer shipping to [location name].”

Restricted Items

Some of our products only ship to select countries. Adding such product to your cart may result in an error message on the Shipping screen of the checkout process.

Remove the affected products from your cart.

View products with limited shipping zones.

Over the limit

The combination of products in your cart may trigger an “over the limit” scenario due to either the total number of items in the order or the total weight of products in the order.

Please contact us to discuss large orders.

Restricted Shipping Regions

While we ship orders outside the US, we do not ship to all countries. To confirm if we ship to a specific country, add a comic book (not graded) or an art book to your cart and enter a shipping address for the specified country during checkout. If you are unable to obtain a shipping fee using a non-restricted product such as a comic or an art book, then the shipping address is not from a country we currently ship to.

COVID-19 Service Interruptions and Suspension

Due to USPS service interruptions and suspensions related to COVID-19, we temporarily suspended orders to numerous countries we have shipped to in the past. Attempts to ship to an address in affected countries would result in packages being returned to our warehouse or being lost in the mail.

We are currently reviewing our ability to ship to various countries impacted by service interruptions and suspensions related to COVID-19. We hope to resume shipping to more countries. We are monitoring the USPS international announcements for updates and implementing FedEx as a carrier depending on eligibility.

View our COVID-19 impact statement.

We apologize for the inconvenience this is causing you.