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JSC's FairyTale Fantasies Calendars 2024 [A] - LIGHT

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Celebrate the return of FAIRYTALE FANTASIES, featuring ALL-NEW artwork by outstanding artist J. Scott Campbell! After the immense success of the original calendar series, J. Scott returns to his creator roots with Femme Fatales, a modern take on classic fairy tales. Featuring colors by Tanya Lehoux. This highly sought-after collectible is sure to sell quickly!

Dimensions 20.31 x 10.08 x 0.16 inches

Limit of 2 copies per order

Cover A: Collector's Edition "Light Cover"
Cover B: Collector's Edition "Dark Cover"
Cover C: Deluxe Edition (with additional months and sketches)

Publication Date: January 10, 2024

Signed Copies
- Pricing of SIGNED products includes the signature fee.
- Single signature copies are autographed by J. Scott Campbell, $30 value per item.

Due to the nature of producing calendars, some copies may present minor visual imperfections. Some of the metal spiral coils on the spine may need adjusting after being shipped.
Please allow 14-21 days for delivery once order processing begins. Fulfillment start date may be adjusted to accommodate high sales volume.
Pricing of SIGNED calendars includes the signature fee: a $30 value per item. Signed calendars are autographed by J. Scott Campbell. In order to sign copies, the plastic shrink-wrap has been partially removed, exposing the bottom of the calendar. This is normal and is the expected presentation for signed copies.
Due to the limited inventory, the items are sold as is. Products have been reviewed for quality control and priced accordingly. No exchange, refunds, or returns.
Suggested pricing. Subject to change prior to launch. Legacy product variants (2014 or older) have been in storage for over a decade and may present some minor imperfections. This is normal and does not qualify as a reason for a refund. The plastic shrink-wrapped material has been partially removed to allow the artist to sign the copy. This is the standard presentation of a signed copy.