Danger Girl The Ultimate Collection Hardcover
$ 50.00

DANGER GIRL: The Ultimate Collection (Hardcover): Grab your passport and join us on an enthralling expedition into the high-stakes world of international action and intrigue, courtesy of Abbey Chase - Danger Girl! Adventurer, freebooter and all-round troubleshooter, Abbey Chase's life is a fast and furious series of wild expeditions and hazardous pursuits. Recruited into an elite, all-female secret agent team and thrust headlong into a global conspiracy of epic proportions, Abbey's lifestyle just went from devil-may-care to ballistic! Offbeat, action-packed and bursting with babes, this is Danger Girl's first teeth-clenching, white-knuckle adventure. J. Scott Campbell is currently one of the hottest artists in comics today, having wowed comics readers with his dynamic, not to mention curvaceous artwork on Gen 13. Danger Girl is his first creator-owned work. (262 pages, Full Color, 6.5" x 10", square-bound)


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